Ellie’s inspiration list on entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the engine of our entire industry; that boldness to take action graces our local companies. And just for that, we’ve put together an Ellie inspiration list, with recommendations for books and podcasts around entrepreneurship.

Challenge Based Learning Guide

Challenge based learning (CBL) is a new and proven learning concept, particularly in the field of sustainability and circular economy.

Download the guide now to discover all the benefits of CBL for Circular Economy and learn how to organise a session yourself.

Insights on the 3rd international conference on a circular economy in textiles & plastics

In November 2022, Ellie attended the Third International Conference on the Circular Economy for Textiles and Plastics organized by Centexbel in collaboration with Fedustria.

This report provides you with the key takeaways including insights into regulation in the plastics industry, different strategies related to circularity, and how you can (or not yet can) measure its impact together with an overview of the ongoing innovation projects, anticipating some of the most prominent industry challenges.

8 tips to build strong partnerships

In the 14th podcast episode, Florence Lootens from Ariadne Innovation shares 8 tips to build strong partnerships, based on the learning from 18 months working on Ellie.Connect.

Event recap: Circular Textile Days

When you think of circularity in textiles, chances are that this does not immediately make you think of work or protective clothing.

Circular innovation in the work & protective wear segment is pioneering, and in this report, we delve further into the question of why it is precisely in the workwear segment that we see so many pioneers, and what we can learn from these initiatives.

Report preview: Circularity and closed-loop recycling

The future is circular. Yes, but before we get there, there are still some steps we need to take and some questions we need to answer:

How do we get there? Which technologies can help us get there, today or in the future? What are the trends in the market, challenges, and opportunities? What support measures will come from the government?

Mini Guide Dyeing Techniques

Are dyeing techniques completely new to you? Would you like to have some more insight into the different possibilities? Then this mini guide is just for you! It will give you explanations about the different techniques, meant to give you a flying start into the world of textiles dyes.