The way to get instant feedback
from experts on your challenges!

Whether you’re the host of the month or a participant, you’ll get a lot of insight and inspiration, and make new connections through the Ask.Ellie sessions!

What is Ask.Ellie?

The format of an Ask.Ellie is based on ‘Challenge Based Learning‘: a proven learning concept, particularly in sustainability and circular economy, where organizations are confronted by complex challenges, requiring input and actions from outside the organisation.

During a short and powerful online session, you:

Get direct feedback from people and experts in the industry

Gain valuable insights, from across the value chain

Get inspired

Make new connections and potential new partnerships

The sessions are built on mutual openness, peer learning, and arriving at solutions or next steps together. It’s a moment of recognition and enrichment, where you thoroughly choose how much to share.

How does it work?

The Ask.Ellie sessions are hosted monthly, and every month we offer a new partner the opportunity to present a challenge during a 1-hour session.

Your challenge can be about an issue faced by your company, or about finding advice and inspiration that would help you develop your projects.

Afterward, the audience can give feedback, ask questions, share ideas, possible solutions, existing cases, similar experiences, or, for example, possibilities for cooperation. But the participants of the session can also simply listen and learn by themselves.

Previous challenges:

How to participate?

Everyone can be part of the audience for free, simply by registering.

Are you interested in hosting one of the sessions? You can regiser now*, contact us now via, or book a direct meeting with the team for more information on the format.

And of course, if you don’t have a challenge yet, you can still attend the sessions, it will bring you a lot too!

*Depending on your Ellie.Connect membership, fees might apply.