Everything you need to understand and use Ellie.Connect

These video tutorials and the taxonomy guide have been designed to help you make the best use of the Ellie.Connect platform and fully understand its ecosystem.

Taxonomy & Glossary Guide

A taxonomy guide helps to organise and classify information or data into specific categories. The Ellie.Connect taxonomy guide will allow you to easily find information and discover more about Ellie’s ecosystem.

Video tutorials

How can I register on Ellie.Connect?

What do I need to make an actor page?


How do I create a challenge?

How can I edit my user profile?

How can I add actors to my profile?

How can I link actors to my profile?

Get to know your profile settings?

How to add an announcement?

How can I interact with an announcement?

How to post an event?

How can I start 1-on-1 private conversations with members?

Whats should I do in case I forgot my password?