Targeted learning and finding solutions
through Challenge Based Learning

The power of the ecosystem

The transition to a more sustainable, digital & collaborative textile & fashion organisation, company or person does not happen overnight and often involves complex challenges, requiring input and actions from outside the organisation. 

Ellie helps you tackle these challenges by harnessing the power of the Ellie.Connect ecosystem, enabling you to take steps forward and save time, resources & money. 

The concept

What is Challenge Based Learning?

Challenge Based Learning is a new and proven learning concept, particularly in the field of sustainability and circular economy. Unlike other learning methods, Challenge Based Learning focuses on finding practical problems where no solution is yet available at the start. The power lies precisely in finding solutions together.

There are several ways to harness the potential of Challenge Based Learning through Ellie.Connect.

More information on Challenge Based Learning

Ellie Connect platform

Get started with Challenge Based Learning

Different formats tailored to your preferences

Join an online Ask.Ellie Session

During the monthly Ask.Ellie sessions, an organisation presents their challenge to the participants and gets instant feedback. As a spectator, you can join to share experiences, propose potential partnerships, listen and learn. 

Present your challenge in an Ask.Ellie Session 

If you want to get instant peer2peer feedback, you can ask to present your challenge at the next Ask.Ellie session.

Share your challenge to the Ellie.Connect Ecosystem

If you’ve joined the Ellie.Connect ecosystem, you can also share your challenge via the challenge page and request feedback and input from other members. 

Organise a Challenge Based Learning Session yourself  Download the C-4CE template to organise your own challenge based learning session.

Experience the power of challenge based learning.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Competences for Circular Economy project (C-4CE), with lead partners Centexbel & Breda University of Applied Sciences, supported by Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland, Ellie offers you several ways to experience the power of challenge based learning for your challenges.

Finding the right partners through intelligent matchmaking

If you already know what type of partners you need but do not have a direct link to this yet, the Ellie team can also assist you with intelligent matching.