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Our pricing plans offer a variety of options to suit your needs. Looking for independent support that enables your team to act on sustainability, explore the Ellie.Connect memberships.

Looking for a partner next to you that helps you move forward in the most time efficient way, explore our on demand services or reach out for a custom partnership plan.

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Are you a changemaker in the textile and fashion industry and want to take your network to new heights? Join the international Ellie.Connect community and get access to the vibrant community of partners you need to drive change.

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Want to achieve your sustainability goals in the most efficient way possible? Ellie’s Level-Up membership not only gives you access to the Ellie.Connect community, but also to premium technology features that address your challenges and needs quickly and effectively. Our digital platform offers everything you need: from matchmaking to smart market research and valuable knowledge and expertise in reports and publications.

No time to waste, no challenge too big. It’s time to take action.



monthly – excl. VAT – billed annually

Are you ready to take your organisation to the next level and want to gain insight into the entire textile and fashion arena? With the Ellie Belliever Membership, you get access to the Ellie.Connect ecosystem, all premium technology features and the exclusive exploration database. This will give you insight into the network outside Ellie.Connect – international and well-organised. We make sure you can gather all the information you need to make informed decisions for the future of your organisation in the most efficient way possible. 

 Become a Belliever and take the lead in the sustainability revolution.

*The Ellie.Connect memberships offer you independent support, anytime, anywhere. If you are looking for more support, explore our on-demand services or reach out for our custom partnership options:

Ellie's on demand solutions

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Get quick and personalized feedback from the experts at Ellie on your challenge.

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Present your sustainability challenge to the Ellie.Connect ecosystem and receive instant feedback from your peers.

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Get matched with industry peers to share experiences and lessons learned.

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Validated mapping for your search for partners, within and beyond the Ellie.Connect ecosystem.

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E-mail campaign


Market your offering directly to your relevant audience via Ellie.Connect.

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