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Consumers and companies are constantly changing. Especially in the fashion & textiles industry, where responsible actions and choices are more critical than ever. At Ariadne Innovation, our mission is to drive sustainable change in the industry. 

That’s why, in 2020, we launched Ellie. Ellie is your partner for change, offering sustainability as-a-service, accessible anytime, anywhere.  

Ellie enables everyone, whether individuals, SMEs and large companies to take action on sustainability, digitalisation & collaboration in and with the fashion & textile ecosystem via the Ellie.Connect digital platform.   

In addition, Ellie is constantly looking for innovative technologies and tools that can accelerate change for the ecosystemEllie’s toolbox already includes various technologies related to sustainability and innovative marketing.  

Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, you can count on Ellie as your starting point to take steps forward. 

Ellie.Connect is a digital ecosystem platform that aims to create a more sustainable and responsible textiles & fashion industry by promoting environmentally friendly practices, reducing waste and increasing transparency and accountability in the supply chain. 

The platform brings together textile suppliers, designers, manufacturers, and all kinds of peers interested in sustainable textiles and fashion, and many resources are shared regularly (such as Ellie.Talks podcasts, monthly Ellie.Reports, relevant articles on sustainable textiles and fashion…).  

So you can find all the connections, information and inspiration you need to transform your textile and fashion organisation towards more sustainability, digitalisation and collaboration 

The Ellie.Connect taxonomy guide will also help you to understand and discover more about Ellie’s ecosystem and to find information easily.

The Ellie.Connect ecosystem welcomes all, from student to startup to established company, as long as they share the vision of working towards a more sustainable, digital and collaborative textiles & fashion industry. Company profiles will get validated before being added to the database.

If you sign up for the free account, you do not need a VAT number. But if you sign up for a premium membership, we need this number for the invoice.

No matter if: 

  • You are a startup or a big company; 
  • You are taking your first steps in the field of sustainability or you are already well advanced in your approach; 
  • You are active directly in the textiles & fashion industry or you work with it  


Being part of an ecosystem of change-makers is beneficial for everyone! On Ellie.Connect, you have a starting point for any question or challenge you face, a network to turn to, a place with all the relevant information that can bring you an instant dose of inspiration, at any time.

Ellie and the ecosystem can meet many needs in different ways. You can choose for yourself how you prefer to integrate the platform into your current systems, but we can assure you that using the ecosystem to its full potential will save you valuable resources, time and money.

Firstly, you have full control over the data you decide to share via the Ellie.Connect platform.

Secondly, all activity on Ellie.Connect is fully GDPR compliant (see our privacy policy here).

Before every in-person match by the Ellie team, the approach (public/anonymous) is clearly agreed. 

At the heart of Ellie is the Ellie.Connect ecosystem, which brings together Europe’s pioneers on a single digital platform. The ecosystem is open to all, starting with a free DIY membership.

Companies committed to real change can opt for one of the premium plans where they not only have access to the digital platform and all its features, but can also call on “Ellie”; the team behind Ellie, with years of industry experience and an extensive network, combined with smart technology.   

Wherever you are in your transition, whatever resources you have available, Ellie provides a starting point and moves with you towards true sustainable impact. 

Three memberships are available on Ellie.Connect: 

  • Take-Off: free  
  • Level-Up: 99€/month 
  • bElliever: 199€/month* Custom made partnerships  


See the details of each subscription model on the homepage,  or get in touch with the team for more information or a personal demo. You can switch memberships at any time. 

After chosing your membership, you can create an account on Ellie.Connect via this page.

For more support, you can also have a look at the tutorial videos here. 

You can contact the Ellie team via, or by booking a direct call here.  

Features & Functionalities

All invoices can be found via your personal home on the platform itself once logged in. In case you have questions, reach out via

You will shortly receive an e-mail with a special code for your colleagues’ registration. With this code, they will all be able to register via the company’s membership.

No, when adding your company website URL, the platform will automatically upload the company details (name, contact, short description). You can complement this with additional information and media like images or videos.

There is no need to create new specific marketing materials.

Depending on your membership, you have access to different kind of features on the platform. 


  • Access the online community
  • Create a company and product page
  • Launch challenges
  • Access the trend monitor



  • Access the online community with 10 members
  • Access the knowledge base and all Ellie.Reports
  • Alerts for new challenges
  • Private challenges & matchmaking
  • Dedicated Community Manager
  • 1 custom Ask.Ellie session
  • Discount for the Ellie.Tools



Our bElliever memberships are custom designed to suit your current needs, team & preferences. For more information, contact our team.

We’ve created a few video tutorials to help you become familiar with the platform and make the best use of it. 

If you still have questions, you can contact us via, or by booking a direct call here 

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