Frequently asked questions

General Questions

The Ellie.Connect ecosystem welcomes all, from student to startup to established company, as long as they share the vision of working towards a more sustainable, digital and collaborative textiles & fashion industry. Company profiles will get validated before being added to the database.

If you sign up for the free account than you do not have to have a VAT number. If your register for a premium membership we do need this for the invoice.

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Features & Functionalities

All invoices can be found via your personal home on the platform itself once logged in. In case you have questions reach out via

You’ll get an e-mail shortly with a special coupon code for the colleagues to register. With these code, they all be able to register via the company memberships.¬†

No, when adding your company website URL the platform will automatically upload the company details (name, contact, short description). You can complement this with additional information and media like images, video. There is no need to create specific new marketing materials.

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