bAwear-Score tool

Calculate the environmental impact of your textile products

Sustainability comes with many different choices: materials, production locations, colors, finishings… Each with its own impact on the environment. To help you understand the impact of your choices, there is the bAwear-Score tool, available on Ellie.Connect.

The bAwear-Score tool allows you to calculate the environmental impact of different raw materials, create better insights and make credible claims about the footprint of products of processes.

The shared results help buyers, producers, and even your (end) customers to better understand and verify the information.

bAwear is easy, reliable, transparent, cost-effective and time-saving!

Get started with bAwear

The tool offers 2 different solutions to calculate the LCA, where the depth and accuracy of the input data is the main differentiating factor.


Would you like to get a quick overview of the impact of a product and compare it to another product? For example, because you have chosen a more durable material or a different finishing or colouring technique? Then use YourQuestion to quickly calculate and compare the impact.


If you need a more detailed calculation based on your own supply chain data, YourScenario is the best solution. Using primary data from your suppliers, we create a detailed LCA report for your product and scenario.

YourScenario offers a complete LCA report of your product in 5 steps:

  • Kick-off meeting with our experts
  • Data collection by your company
  • Evaluation of the data by our experts
  • Data processing and calculation
  • Standard or custom LCA report

Join the next bAwear info session!

A short webinar where the bAwear team will take a deep dive into the bAwear Score tool, share some concrete use cases, and answer all your questions around LCA's.

On the 6tth of April from 11:00 to 12:00 CET on Teams.

FAQ about the bAwear-Score tool

  • In order to start creating your first insights with YourQuestion, you need to create a login on the bAwear score platform and purchase your first credit(s). You can create a login here.
  • Do not forget to list Ellie.Connect as your referral
  • For YourScenario or YourHotspot, please contact us at
  • YourQuestion: 50€
  • YourScenario: 300€
  • YourHotspot: 150€

For a YourQuestion calculation, you need to purchase credits on the bAwear platform.

A YourQuestion calculation and comparison costs 1 credit. You can also purchase a bundle of credits with a discount.

  • 1 Credit: 50€ per credit
  • 10 Credits: 45€ per credit
  • 50 Credits: 37,50€ per credit
  • 100 Credits: 32,50€ per credit
  • 250 Credits: 25€ per credit

The YourScenario and YourHotspot calculations are invoiced afterwards and follow an onboarding with the bAwear team.

For any additional support, please contact us via, 

or book a direct meeting with the team!