Ellie.Boutique x bAwear-Score

As part of a project with the Ellie.Boutique, LCAs have been used to provide insight into a very familiar choice that we have all faced: “When presented with several sustainable choices, which do you choose? And what is the impact of your choice?”

The Ellie.Boutique and bAwear-Score can help you illustrate differences in environmental impact of products by using LCA data, and also understand WHY there is a difference.

To make sustainable choices, we must first understand the value chain and the impact of our choices, and always keep in mind the specifics of our products (quality and longevity come first!).

You can access the use case here:

Do you want to know more about how the Ellie.Boutique and bAwear-Score can help you? Book a personal demo now or contact Jesse from bAwear at jesse.dolstra@bawear-score.com.