Ellie.Connect x Snakepant

The Snakepant Taya is the first and only pair of wide-leg trousers you won’t step on, thanks to their special hem. At the end of its life, the Taya Snakepant is recycled and its fibers are recovered.

Like Iris, the inventor of the product, you can count on Ellie’s help to get all the connections, information, and inspiration you need to reach your sustainable goals!

When we contacted the Ellie team last summer, we were pretty stuck in our search for recycled denim suppliers. The industry was new to us and we couldn’t get our foot in the door with manufacturers.

Thanks to Ellie’s expertise & network, we were able to build our supply chain all the way to an end-of-life solution and we just launched a crowfunding campaing on StartNEXT for the very first SNAKEPANT collection!

– Iris Warwas, Snaked or Naked, starter and inventor of the Snakepant

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