Ellie x AweSOM Supplier & Product Fact Sheet Templates

The tool you need to get started with supply chain transparency.

About the templates

What are they?

In collaboration with Fleur Deknudt from AweSOM, Ellie has developed the Supplier & Product Fact Sheet templates. These are designed to enable all kinds of organizations to start working on the transparency of their supply chains, both at value chain and product level.

These templates are carefully created to simplify the collection of crucial data from your suppliers (tier 1 and beyond), making the process faster and more efficient, and these can be adapted according to your needs and preferences.

Why did we launch these templates?

As highlighted in the Ellie.Report on European legislation, supply chain transparency is now an essential requirement for companies in a variety of sectors. New regulations, such as product passports and Due Diligence legislation, are driving this transformation. Transparency is not just a legal obligation; it’s a crucial step towards a holistic approach to sustainability.

Ellie’s mission is to support you in your sustainability journey – on the one hand through direct access to an extensive network, and on the other through the introduction and/or development of tools that can help the ecosystem face common challenges. That’s why we have launched these templates, that will not only help you be up to speed with the new transparency requirements and regulations, but also make you save time and increase efficiency. 

How can you use the templates?

The background of why these templates were created, how they link to current and upcoming legislation, and in-depth demo on how you can use them in your organization were given during the launch webinar.  If you’ve missed it and want to know more about it, you can now watch the replay!

Order the templates now!

The Supplier Fact Sheet and the Product Fact Sheet Templates are now available to everyone who wants to take a big step toward transparency and sustainability! 

Order the templates now for only €449*. 

Prices exluding VAT. For more information on these templates, contact hello@ellieconnect.com