Ellie’s First Breakfast Event: Sustainability Strategies & Synergies

Ellie’s Breakfast Event – Podcast Edition

On the 15th of December, Ellie’s team hosted its first-ever breakfast event at Snowball, where they had the pleasure of hosting both familiar faces from the Ellie.Talks podcast and a few surprise guests.

This event was a true representation of Ellie’s essence, bringing together a diverse group of individuals driving change. These participants represented different organizations and market segments, all gathering to exchange insights on shared challenges and draw inspiration from one another.

While the detailed recap, packed with valuable insights and lessons learned, remains exclusively for the attendees, we’ll give you a quick peek into the key take-aways and the the challenges that stirred up lively discussions.


Key Take Aways

  • Foster open communication with all partners in the value chain.
  • Build support within your organization by forming working groups at all levels.
  • Treat sustainability as an innovation project.
  • Emphasize the importance of collaboration.


Challenges Session 1:

Challenge 1: Internal Structure : How do you create support for sustainability within the organization, even in challenging times? Share your experiences and strategies to foster a sustainable corporate culture, even in difficult circumstances.

Challenge 2: Strategy: Pioneering or waiting, how do you approach the costs and investments associated with sustainable transformation? What would be your message to organizations hesitating between leading the way and still waiting?


Challenges Session 2 :

Challenge 1: Technology In a rapidly evolving world, what role does technology play in your sustainability journey? How do you integrate new technological developments to achieve sustainability goals? What are your successes and any potential pitfalls?

Challenge 2: Collaboration Local businesses have much to offer: do you leverage this (adequately)? How do you optimize this? How can we strengthen the local ecosystem and promote collaboration between companies?

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On Friday, March 1, 2024, we will organize the second breakfast session around “Sustainability in the corporate structure”.

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