Ellie’s Innovation Showcase

In March, Ellie goes deep into the subject of innovation. And if there is one thing we want to remember from this month’s topic, it is the following:

Innovation can come from small changes, from unexpected quarters, and most importantly, anyone, any type of business, big or small, can act on it.

To reinforce this message, we have created an Innovation Showcase, a report packed with innovative products, companies, research projects, and news updates, coming from all segments of the market.
A very good source of inspiration and a way to remind you that you too can make a change.

As the Ellie.Reports are part of the premium memberships, we made it available for all members for only €49 excl. VAT.

If you are already a premium member of Ellie.Connect, you can read the full report on the knowledge base of the platform!

If not, you can now order the report here: