Discover the Supplier & Product Fact Sheet by Ellie & Awesom.

In our Ellie.Report on European Legislation, we stressed that transparency throughout the supply chain is becoming crucial for all players, and some initiatives have already been taken to this end, such as the announced product passports or the new Due Diligence legislation (CSRDD).

In addition to the forthcoming legal obligation, a clear vision of your supply chain is one of the starting points for implementing a well-founded sustainability strategy.

But how do you start this without immediately having to make large investments in new platforms and technologies? What kind of information should you collect from your suppliers? How best to collect this?

Ellie’s mission is to support you in your sustainability journey, on the one hand through direct access to an extensive network, and on the other through the introduction and/or development of tools that can help the ecosystem face common challenges.

We have therefore joined forces with Fleur Deknudt, from Awesom, and worked out a Supplier Fact Sheet & and Product Fact Sheet template that can help you prepare this mapping & product passports, and importantly, will save you a lot of time.

The tool has been created for any type of organization, in textiles & fashion, and can be adapted to your specific needs & preferences.

More information about the tool will be given in our info session on Tuesday 17th October at 13:30! During the session, you’ll see the tool in action and understand how it can save you time!