Exciting News from Ellie; Chatbot, Partnership Roosmarie Ruigrok & Membership Updates.

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates and milestones from Ellie as we continue our sustainability journey together. Ellie’s vision from the start has been to provide you with a trusted partner to support you on your sustainability journey. 

A Smart Assistant, always available, hands-on and network-driven to help you save time and money and focus on making progress.

How do we achieve this? 

Through a hybrid approach, leveraging smart technology, a growing network, and the team’s internal expertise. We bring this to you through the Ellie.Connect platform, our monthly Ellie.Talks Podcast, Ellie’s weekly newsletter, and much more.

After 3 years of building the digital network, we have supported numerous pioneers, gathered insights, mapped over 2000 companies, and established countless connections, big and small.
Hence, we are incredibly proud to share some exciting updates with you today:

Introducing: Ellie’s Chatbot: “Ask Ellie Anything!” 

Ellie is increasingly coming to life, aiming to efficiently guide you through the world of sustainability. Today we are launching Ellie’s Chatbot on Ellie.Connect.

You can “Ask Ellie Anything”; ask Ellie questions about trends and knowledge or get Ellie to talk about the partners in and outside the ecosystem;
‘Ellie, who can recycle cotton textile waste?
‘Ellie, can you share some new innovative textile raw materials?”

Depending on the question asked, you will either get an informative answer, pooling insights from various news and trend outlets, or you will get a connecting answer, referring to partners on the platform.

Step by step, Ellie becomes your own smart sustainability assistant, always there for you.
Ellie’s Chatbot is already available today for all memberships. *Although intensively tested by the Ellie Team, Ellie’s chatbot is still under development, so we welcome all feedback on how to improve it!

Announcing : Partnership with Roosmarie Ruigrok

In addition to technological advancements, we also have exciting news within the team. Since April, we have entered into a collaboration with Roosmarie Ruigrok, a renowned figure in the textile landscape, sustainable fashion, and textile expert, and founder of the Clean & Unique platform. With over thirty years of experience, Roosmarie brings valuable expertise and a vast network to the Ellie team, driving our international growth.

“We are happy to welcome Roosmarie Ruigrok to our team,” said Julie Lietaer, CEO & Founder at Ariadne Innovation, the company behind the Ellie.Connect platform. “Roosmarie’s years of experience, extensive network, and dedication to sustainable change in the industry align seamlessly with our mission at Ellie. Roosmarie’s motto is ‘Simplifying Sustainability’. With Ellie, we aim to provide a hands-on and network-driven partner, a smart assistant, to support the industry in its sustainability journey at all times. We are confident that together we can enhance and strengthen our impact, contributing step by step to a more sustainable industry. – Julie Lietaer

Roosmarie will be an active ambassador for and an expert within the Ellie.Connect ecosystem, embodying our strong growth ambitions. Reach out to her directly to learn how Ellie can support your sustainability journey! 

“Roosmarie’s involvement will have a significant impact on international growth and provide valuable insights to better support our members.” – Florence Lootens, COO at Ariadne Innovation.

Welcome to the Ellie team, Roosmarie, we are looking forward to doing great things together! 🌎 

Informing: Take-Off price change: 

As you can read (and experience), the Ellie.Connect platform brings significant value to those committed to creating real impact.  After 3 years, we’ve built the trust that we’re delivering on our mission to help our members save time & money. 

Therefore, we’ve decided to transition our Take-Off model from free to a paid subscription, priced at €198 per year (excl VAT). 

The platform will be partially open to non-registered members, to provide more visibility for the premium ecosystem. Accessing the platform to benefit optimally from the community will now require paid registration. 

Since you’ve been with us from the beginning and to give you the chance to test Ellie’s new chatbot technology on Ellie.Connect, all existing Take-Off members keep free access until 14/05. For those who decide to transition to the new Take-off membership of €198 per year, we offer a 50% discount with the coupon code: TAKEOFF50. Accounts who decide not to switch will be removed from the platform and thus lose access to the community after 14/05. However, you will continue to receive the weekly newsletter. 

How to claim your discount and upgrade

The Ellie team is here to answer all your questions and offer a personal demo of the new package. You can schedule a demo directly using the button below.

We hope you are as excited as we are about these developments and look forward to continuing our journey together towards a more sustainable future! 
Connect. Inform. Inspire.

The Ellie.Team –
Julie Lietaer; Founder & CEO
Florence Lootens,
Amélie Verbeke
& Roosmarie Ruigrok