Ellie.Connect x Meralune

Ellie.Connect is your path towards more sustainability. 🌱

If like Meralune you are seeking insights and support from like-minded individuals and companies, know that the platform provides you with the connections, information, and inspiration you need to reach your sustainable goals!

Meralune is a sleepwear solution that supports the body’s natural temperature regulation and controls the absorption and release of moisture in night sweats that women experience because of menopause or medication (hormone and chemotherapy, antidepressants, and hypoglycemic agents).

Meralune is still in the building and product development phase so contacts, partnerships, and connections in the tight-knit textile industry are extremely valuable at this stage.

Also, different processes leading to the completion of the product ready for market such as labeling and packaging are still left to explore.

We wish to use the platform to connect and collaborate, learn about sustainability and how to apply this important element organically in our business model. We are excited about the learning opportunities through Ellie.Talks and the platform’s guides and tools. There will be many challenges before we reach our goals of producing a responsible and sustainable product by which the support of experts and the Ellie community are invaluable.

– Greta Lamaire, Meralune

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