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The power of the ecosystem

The global ecosystem collaborating digitally towards sustainability

🌎 702 Members

🌍 403 Companies

🌎 28 Countries

🔗 Entire Value Chain

🔗Textiles & Fashion

Your digital team member

  • Ellie has an AI driven feature that scans the market

  • Receive tailored news that helps your business move forward

Spend more time on what really matters to your business

  • Connect with businesses across the supply chain

  • Browse through challenges that are keeping the industry awake

  • Increase the efficiency of your teams

Build knowledge

Comprehensive insights through Ellie.Reports & premium mailings tailored to your needs and interests.

Gain inspiration and learn from your peers

AI-driven trend monitoring & inspiring podcasts

Reach your sustainability goals faster, Ellie guides the way;

  • Unlock new partnerships: Connect beyond your network

  • Foster cross-industry collaboration: Innovate with a diverse community

  • Discover hidden partnerships: Uncover essential allies

  • Empower teams: Ignite entrepreneurial spirit in your company

  • Harnass collective intelligence: Tap into expert wisdom

  • Propel innovation: Learn, grow and digitize together

A selection of the 702 Ellie members:

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