EP10: Aurélie Maes, Maes Mattress Ticking, Implementing change in the family business as the new generation

Ellie’s new podcast series starts with an episode about family businesses and how you can implement change as the new generation.

​Family businesses are often different generations with different views. How can you deal with these differences? How do you keep the long-term vision of the company whilst also adapting to the changing times? How to change the mindset to a more open, transparent, and sustainable one?

EP6: Marloes Evers, EE Labels, Sustainable through Generations

For this episode, we welcome Marloes Evers from EE Labels, Van Engelen & Evers BV, a 121-year-old company that shares insights on 3D weaving, digital labels, sustainable packaging, and thinking beyond generations!

Starting from a focus on labels, EE labels grew into a company that thinks beyond generations, not only for themselves but also for their customers.

Today, they focus on offering future-proof solutions like 3D weaving and going digital with your labels to the most sustainable choices in packaging. All with minimum impact on the environment, protecting it for the benefit of the next generations. A future-proof concept based on sharing knowledge, collaborating, and innovation in the production process.