The virtual showroom

The platform

The Xperify® platform allows you to bring your showroom to your customer. With it, you can create a virtual space where you can fully customize the content depending on the type of customer.

It’s a very powerful tool for your salesperson that breaks through physical barriers and is perfect for generating initial interest from potential customers. With Xperify® you can connect with your customers anywhere, anytime.

Features and highlights




Always accessible

Can be used as a stand-alone showroom or for virtual demonstrations

Available in different languages

Examples of how Ellie's virtual showroom can help

How does it work?

First, what do you want to use the virtual showroom for? 

  • As permanent virtual showroom for your collections
  • For a launch of a new product, project, or collection
  • During an event or a fair
  • To present a course…

Take an intake call with the Ellie.Team to discuss:

  • Storyline
  • Available media material
  • Languages
  • Accessibility

We will propose a first draft for feedback 

Then, we will provide a demo on how to use the showroom with your audience

Your virtual showroom is ready to launch! 

  • Share your personal showroom via an URL to your clients
  • Embed the showroom to your website
  • Create an email campaign
  • Present the showroom on a tablet during a fiar 
  • Combine it with the interactive Ellie.Boutique product booth