Why we’ve dropped our Free Take Off Package

A Message from our Founder & CEO, Julie Lietaer:

Dear Community,
👉🏻Today, May 15th, marks the day of the END of our “freemium” business model on Ellie.Connect.

👉🏻We are dropping our free registration package on Ellie.Connect and re-launching our take-off package with a minimal investment fee of 198 EUR per year.

We have learned in our industry that it is better to have a smaller, engaged, community than a huge platform of users.💚

It is often quoted that “if you do not pay for the product, it means you are the product”.

During 3 years, we invested highly in building a network, knowledge and a lot of inspiration.
This is our mission.
Inspire. Inform. Connect. 🍀

Yes, we could have built a consulting business.
And charge you for every hour of knowledge we share with you.
(I have been a consultant myself, so I know).

But we chose not to do so.

The Ellie team believes that sustainabile change must come from within.
If your board, your team, is not aligned and educated, change will not happen.

Our Ellie.Connect platform enables team members in the entire textile and fashion ecosystem, to use a cost and time efficient tool to build knowledge, share inspiration and make the much needed connections to build a sustainable value chain.

We will be your partner during the transition. 🩷

Thanks to technology, we can improve our services to you. 🚀

We learned that you do not have to wait for the perfect solution to get started.
Get your boots on and act now.💪🏻

So this is a call to action!🔥

Are you willing to start doing the right things?

👉🏻Register on www.ellieconnect.com and be part of the change today.

Ellie will lead you there. 💚

Enjoy your day!

(Proud founder of Ariadne Innovation and the Ellie brand)