Ask.Ellie 1: How to find a market for a secondary raw material made from rPet waste stream.

On Tuesday 15/11 we’ll organise the very first Ask Ellie session and registrations are now open! Don’t miss this opportunity to participate and learn valuable lessons and insights.

Ask.Ellie: The Concept

The Ask.Ellie sessions are your chance to get direct feedback from experts and industry peers on your challenges in the field of Circular Economy. Through a short and powerful online format, you will learn valuable lessons that you can immediately apply to your organisation.

The Challenge

During this 1 hour online session, Charles Christiaens, from BekaertDeslee will present their challenge about how to set up responsible waste management AND valorize it as a secondary raw material. Charles will explain where they are getting stuck and what they have already tried to overcome this challenge


After the presentation of the challenge, the audience present can provide feedback, ask questions, share ideas, solution directions, existing cases , similar experiences or, for example, opportunities for cooperation. Participants in the Ask.Ellie session can also just listen in to learn for themselves.

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