Sustainability and Internal Culture: Insights from Ellie’s Breakfast Event 🥐

Ellie’s Breakfast Event Edition 2

On March 1, we organised another engaging Ellie.Breakfast session, (find the recap from the first event here) hosted at Daltons, Snowball. This time, our focus was on the intersection of sustainability and internal culture within organizations. These sessions are invaluable opportunities to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds across the value chain and market segments, all united by a shared commitment to advancing sustainability.

Our approach to these events prioritizes interactivity and the exchange of insights. Participants are seated at small round tables, fostering discussions where everyone can contribute their perspectives and experiences on pertinent topics.

Topics discussed during the event

During this session, the following key topics were explored:

  1. Embedding Sustainability in Company Culture: Participants delved into strategies for integrating sustainability into organisations’ core values and practices, fostering a culture of environmental and social responsibility.
  2. Employee Engagement and Empowerment: The discussion revolved around empowering employees to drive sustainability initiatives within their respective roles, emphasizing the importance of fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.
  3. Communication and Transparency: Attendees exchanged ideas on the significance of transparent communication regarding sustainability efforts, both internally among employees and externally with stakeholders, to build trust and credibility.
  4. Measuring Impact and Setting Goals: The session also touched upon methods for effectively measuring the impact of sustainability initiatives and setting ambitious yet achievable goals to drive continuous improvement.

While the detailed recap, packed with valuable insights and lessons learned, remains exclusively for the attendees, we’ll give you a quick peek into the key take-aways and the the challenges that stirred up lively discussions.

Key Take-Aways of the Breakfast

1. Openness and Collaboration: There’s a need for increased openness and willingness to collaborate among partners in various industries. Better communication channels and knowledge sharing are crucial for enhancing collaboration. 

2. Individual Responsibility in Partnerships: Partnerships are forged and sustained by individuals within companies. It’s essential to identify leaders who will take the lead in fostering and maintaining these connections, with clear roles and responsibilities assigned. 

3. Integration of Sustainability: Sustainability should be deeply ingrained in a company’s DNA and not treated as a mere checklist. Authentic integration creates more value than using sustainability as a marketing strategy. 

4. Communication is Key: Effective communication about sustainability, both internally and externally, is crucial. It’s important to convey sustainability visions and initiatives across all levels of the organization, emphasizing the significance of highlighting small actions that can lead to larger ones. Additionally, efforts should be made to communicate positively about sustainability to inspire stakeholders and drive sustainable practices forward. 

5. Positivity: The focus should be on what has already been achieved today in terms of sustainability implementation. The (sometimes) small but significant changes need to be acknowledged. Sharing these successes creates a positive vibe and drive to keep innovating and moving forward! 

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