Ellie.Boutique x SCIRT

SCIRT Project, one of the featured projects on Ellie.Connect, was represented via a custom Ellie.Boutique at the VITO Booth on Nerdland. SCIRT Project is a three-year EU-funded project that brings together 18 partners from 5 European countries. The aim is to demonstrate a complete textile-to-textile recycling system for post-consumer textiles. A great collaboration to raise […]

Ellie.Boutique x bAwear-Score

As part of a project with the Ellie.Boutique, LCAs have been used to provide insight into a very familiar choice that we have all faced: “When presented with several sustainable choices, which do you choose? And what is the impact of your choice?” The Ellie.Boutique and bAwear-Score can help you illustrate differences in environmental impact […]

Ellie.Boutique x Fedustria

At the Circular Textile Days fair, Fedustria wanted to showcase the circular innovations of their member companies. To achieve this, we developed a fully customised Ellie.Boutique in which different products took centre stage, and could be discovered by visitors. To extend the reach of the campaign beyond the physical boundaries, we also integrated a Ellie.Xperify […]