A First Introduction to Textile Recycling Technologies

Statistics show the staggering percentages of clothing and textiles that still end up in landfills or are incinerated. For sustainability-minded companies, rethinking the treatment of textile waste as part of production processes and the end-of-life phase is crucial. There are several steps to consider when reassessing the treatment of these waste streams, such as exploring […]

Revolutionizing the Textile and Fashion Industry: Ellie’s Textile Essentials Course

The textile and fashion industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation. This transformation is characterized by a growing emphasis on sustainability, the integration of digital technologies, and increased collaboration among industry stakeholders. However, this shift comes with its own set of challenges, both within the industry and in society as a whole. This is where […]

Mini Guide on Labels & Certifications

Textile labels and certifications can be important factors to consider when making conscious and sustainable purchasing decisions. With so many different labels and certifications available, it can be challenging to navigate and understand their meanings and appropriate usage. To help you make informed choices, Ellie has put together a mini-guide that provides an overview of […]

An Introduction to Chemistry in Textiles & Fashion and the road to a cleaner industry

As Dr. Anna Lennquist from ChemSec explains in our monthly Ellie.Talks episode, chemicals are present at every stage of the textile and fashion production process, and yet, for many, the subject remains somewhat of a mystery. In this new Ellie.Report, Ellie not only provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how chemicals are used in the textile and […]

CSR in textiles and fashion, a complex story, but the only way forwards

April was all about the social aspect of sustainability in our industry. Sustainability is indeed not just about the products and processes you use. It is also about having happy employees who share your vision and become ambassadors for your company. A crucial factor for achieving long-term, sustainable growth! This Ellie.Report provides a comprehensive overview […]

Ellie’s Innovation Showcase

In March, Ellie goes deep into the subject of innovation. And if there is one thing we want to remember from this month’s topic, it is the following: Innovation can come from small changes, from unexpected quarters, and most importantly, anyone, any type of business, big or small, can act on it. To reinforce this […]

European legislation for circular textiles and fashion

In march 2022 the European Commission presented its new strategy to make sustainable products the norm and to strengthen Europe’s resource independence, as part of the European Green Deal. European Green Deal, Action Plans, Waste Framework Directive,… The variety of concepts presented and the (expected) European legislation is great, but the confusion is often greater. What do […]

Ellie’s inspiration list on entrepreneurship (free)

Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of our entire industry: the boldness to take action is the pride of our local businesses. That’s why we’ve put together an inspiration list for Ellie, with recommendations for books and podcasts on entrepreneurship.

Challenge Based Learning Guide (free)

Challenge based learning (CBL) is a new and proven learning concept, particularly in the field of sustainability and circular economy.

Download the guide now to discover all the benefits of CBL for Circular Economy and learn how to organise a session yourself.

Insights on the 3rd international conference on a circular economy in textiles & plastics (free)

In November 2022, Ellie attended the Third International Conference on the Circular Economy for Textiles and Plastics organized by Centexbel in collaboration with Fedustria.

This report provides you with the key takeaways including insights into regulation in the plastics industry, different strategies related to circularity, and how you can (or not yet can) measure its impact together with an overview of the ongoing innovation projects, anticipating some of the most prominent industry challenges.