EP23 – Alexander Carpentier, Twintag, Driving Circularity in the industry 

For this 23rd episode of our Ellie.Talks podcast, we had the pleasure of welcoming Alexander Carpentier, CEO of Twintag.   At the forefront of digital circularity solutions, Twintag’s approach to digitization and product traceability is reshaping industries. In this episode, Julie dives into a captivating conversation with Alexander, exploring how Twintag’s solutions are driving circularity […]

BONUS: Julie Lietaer, the inspiring entrepreneurial journey of our founder 

We’ve had the privilege of interviewing over 20 inspiring guests on the Ellie.Talks podcast, each sharing their unique stories. However, there is one story that has yet to be told – the story of our very own founder, Julie Lietaer. Known as the local ambassador for circular textiles and fashion, Julie’s entrepreneurial journey has led […]

EP15: Pieter Vanoosthuyse, B.I.G. From linear to circular plastics, how do you start?

Whether you are an SME or a large company, transforming your business from linear to circular does not come overnight. Once you’ve defined your circular vision, where do you start? Where are the quick wins and what are the main challenges to overcome?

For this 15th episode, we welcome Pieter Vanoosthuyse, business development manager for recycled polypropylene at Beaulieu International Group.