EP30: Circular Diaper Services with Alby Roseveare, WOOSH

Published on 25.4.2024 By Ellie.Connect  Welcome to episode 30 of our Ellie.Talks, your insights into the world of sustainable textiles and fashion. For this episode, Julie sits down with Alby Roseveare, co-founder of Woosh. Woosh is a diaper service for daycare centres with a circular mission.   Join us as we explore the motivations, challenges, […]

EP 29: The Story Behind “Do Pants Grow on Trees?” –  A conversation with Jasmien Wynants & Judith Thomas on changing the World with a Read-Along Book

Published on 14.3.2024 By Ellie.Connect  Welcome to the newest episode of our Ellie.Talks, your insights in the future of sustainable textiles and fashion. It’s a very important episode today because this time Julie was joined by two inspiring ladies. Today they will talk about Jasmien’s and Judith’s passion project: a children’s book (but not really) […]

EP24 – Alexandra Vanhuyse, Snowball, Exploring Sustainable Entrepreneurship

For this 24th episode of our Ellie.Talks podcast, we had the honor of welcoming Alexandra Vanhuyse, co-founder and managing director of Snowball, a cutting-edge cleantech hub in Harelbeke.   Clean technology is at the forefront of addressing environmental and sustainability challenges. In this podcast episode, Alexandra shares insights into her clean tech journey and discusses the […]

EP23 – Alexander Carpentier, Twintag, Driving Circularity in the industry 

For this 23rd episode of our Ellie.Talks podcast, we had the pleasure of welcoming Alexander Carpentier, CEO of Twintag.   At the forefront of digital circularity solutions, Twintag’s approach to digitalization and product traceability is reshaping industries. In this episode, Julie dives into a captivating conversation with Alexander, exploring how Twintag’s solutions are driving circularity […]