Ellie.Socks x Snowball

The end of the year at Snowball was all about spreading warmth and joy! ✨

While many of you were won over by the idea of giving away Ellie’s socks, we unveiled special Christmas-colored socks, with a label that can be personalized with your company logo.


‘At Snowball, our mission is to facilitate sustainable entrepreneurship and to shorten the route to market for clean technology solutions 🤜 🤛.

Any action to that end, no matter small or big, local or global, personalised or generic, is welcomed because while one person can make a difference, together we can change the game ✅.

To celebrate the new year and as a thank you, our present to all of our Snowball residents is a pair of Ellie Socks 🤩. Made from recycled materials in a wide set of colours & sizes, happy feet will for sure be one of the Snowball themes for 2024 😉❤️. Bring it on!’

– Snowball


Are you interested in buying Ellie’s socks? Order them now!