How can I get the most out of my Ellie.Connect membership?

Ellie.Connect is the global ecosystem that enables everyone to take action in favour of sustainable development! The Ellie team combines years of knowledge about sustainability in textiles and fashion with a very extensive network. Ellie can be your starting point for all questions, challenges & cases related to sustainability, personally connecting you with relevant partners, knowledge, and inspiring cases.

Have you just joined the ecosystem and are looking for instant advice and expertise? Then you’ve come to the right place for insights!

Get visibility for your company and offering

Before looking in more detail at how Ellie and the Ellie.Connect ecosystem can help you take concrete steps towards sustainability and circularity, it is important to define the basic principles and create visibility for your business and your offering.


Ellie.Connect aims to CONNECT the ecosystem, which is why the platform offers various features to create visibility for your organisation.

As a free or premium member, you can:

 this is a company page for your organisation that will help you get more visibility on the platform.

– If there is already a company page for your organisation, you can .

: This aims to highlight your use cases, new products, or new collections.

If you need help with these first few steps, you can watch our YouTube tutorial by clicking on the links.


Do you have a new press release? Are you organising an event? Or do you have a vacancy you would like to share?

Via the announcements and events page, premium members can upload as many news items as wanted.


Discover here how to use this feature.

Pro tip: if you do this on Tuesday morning your news will be included in the ecosystem newsletter distributed to over 500 readers.

You decide what you share!

You have full control over what information you wish to disclose on these pages. This can be based on what you put on your website or social media channels.



The announcements and events functions are part of the premium packages. As a free member, you can’t publish them, but you still have access to the pages so you don’t miss a thing!


Get direct feedback and find solutions to your challenges

The transition to a more sustainable, digital & collaborative textile & fashion organisation, company or person does not happen overnight and often involves complex challenges, that require input and actions from outside the organisation.

Ellie helps you meet these challenges by leveraging the power of the Ellie.Connect ecosystem. Because Ellie wants to enable everyone to have an impact, there are several ways to seek solutions via your free or premium membership.



Solutions can often come from unexpected corners, which is why you can share your challenges with the entire Ellie.Connect ecosystem at any time, and as many times as you need, via the Challenge feature on the platform.

You are in full control over what you want to share in a challenge and how you prefer to be contacted: via the comments section or directly by e-mail.

Do you need help to create your challenge? Watch the tutorial  here or contact us.



While any member can post a challenge on the platform, our premium members can decide to share them publicly/anonymously and can focus on taking action rather than having to wait for a response from the ecosystem.

Ellie & her smart matchmaking approach are also there to help to find relevant solutions, on a time and on budget.

Finally, premium members always have first access to the new challenges shared by the ecosystem.

PS: As a premium user, if you want to take on a challenge with Ellie’s support, you will always start with a personal intake call in order to define together the best approach to solve your challenge.


Premium members have 1 Ask.Ellie session included per year. 

The Ask.Ellie sessions are based on Challenge Based Learning, a new and proven learning concept, particularly in the field of sustainability and circular economy. Challenge Based Learning focuses on practical problems where no solution is yet available at the start. The power lies precisely in finding solutions together.

Each month Ellie invites one of its ecosystem partners to be the “Challenger” of an Ask.Ellie, by presenting a challenge to the participants. The challenge can be any type of question or need you have related to your transition.

The Ask.Ellie sessions are intented to be short & powerfull. In no more than an hour you:

  • Get direct feedback from people and experts in the industry;
  • Gain valuable insights, from across the value chain;
  • Get inspired;
  • Make new connections and potential new partnerships.

If you don’t have a challenge, you can also join Ask.Ellie as a participant, to give feedback, share ideas, get inspired, or reach out for new partnerships.

PS: As a premium user, if you want to take on a challenge with Ellie’s support, you will always start with a personal intake call in order to define together the best approach to solve your challenge.



Free members can book an Ask.Ellie at a special price


Find more info about Ask.Ellie here

All your market research in one place

There is a lot to be informed about in the transition to a more sustainable, digital & collaborative organisation & person, but not all news is relevant to you and your team at this point in your transition.

That’s why Ellie uses smart technology to make sure you get the latest news and updates that are relevant for you, now.


Your Ellie.Connect membership gives you access to the trend monitor, which is accessible via the  ‘Exploration’ section  of the platform.

This trend monitor is an automatic search engine that scours the internet daily for relevant news on various topics related to your textile and fashion transformation journey.

You can choose the topics that are relevant to you, and for your convenience, you can choose to receive a personalised daily or weekly news overview directly in your mailbox (activate the e-mails via notification settings).


Our premium members can book a monthly sparring session with one of Ellie’s experts. This is an ideal occassion to discuss some of the faced challenges and to see if and how Ellie and the Ellie.Connect ecosystem can help you.

Even if Ellie does not always have all the answers available, she can be your starting point to be put in touch with an expert or an ecosytem partner who can help you.

Whether you are looking for information, recommendations, new partnerships or cooperations, advice on your ideas or projects,… with Ellie, we will look for the solutions that best fit your needs and objectives.