EP 29: The Story Behind “Do Pants Grow on Trees?” –  A conversation with Jasmien Wynants & Judith Thomas on changing the World with a Read-Along Book

Published on 14.3.2024 By Ellie.Connect  Welcome to the newest episode of our Ellie.Talks, your insights in the future of sustainable textiles and fashion. It’s a very important episode today because this time Julie was joined by two inspiring ladies. Today they will talk about Jasmien’s and Judith’s passion project: a children’s book (but not really) […]

EP8: Ellen Kegels, LN Knits, Slow Fashion, Pre-Order and the importance of Storytelling

Sustainability in fashion has many dimensions. The choice of materials and production processes are probably the most obvious ones, but don’t forget about the impact of your go-to-market, distribution, and stock management.

Maybe you have heard the terms slow fashion and pre-ordering before. New business models are increasingly emerging in the industry, but what do they mean? And more importantly, how do you implement these for your brand? What are the challenges involved and how can you make it successful?

EP5: Rosanne van der Meer, N.I.O., Fashion on Demand

For this Ellie.Talks’s episode, we’ve invited Rosanne van der Meer, from New Industrial Order – N.I.O., to talk about Fashion on Demand.

Rosanne is the founder of New Industrial Order, a laboratory for fashion on demand, with the mission to create a circular system for order-made fashion.

During her Talk, Rosanne inspires you with the story of the New Industrial Order, and their vision for the future of the industry, which will be fully personalised, sustainable, and local: fashion on demand in local ecosystems for 3D Knitting.