EP10: Aurélie Maes, Maes Mattress Ticking, Implementing change in the family business as the new generation

Ellie’s new podcast series starts with an episode about family businesses and how you can implement change as the new generation.

​Family businesses are often different generations with different views. How can you deal with these differences? How do you keep the long-term vision of the company whilst also adapting to the changing times? How to change the mindset to a more open, transparent, and sustainable one?

EP9: Jan Maes, Revor Bedding, Circularity in the Mattress Industry

Conventional mattresses are the cause of a huge waste stream. Approximately 1.1 million mattresses end up in landfills every year in Belgium alone. To encourage producers to think about the sustainable and circular design of their mattresses, an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for mattresses has been in place in Belgium since January 2021.

This is a question that Revor was already working on well before the introduction of the EPR, and to which they came up with the answer in 2019 with the Circular Mattress.

Ellie.News: Mattress Industry

Ellie aims for a more sustainable fashion and textile industry. Ellie has a news monitoring tool, this collects news articles on a daily basis for a number of different articles and recent news. This blog post is about the most recent news regarding the Mattress Industry. Sustainable mattresses, why? Latest industry updates Sealy Introduces Eco-Friendly and […]