EP 29: The Story Behind “Do Pants Grow on Trees?” –  A conversation with Jasmien Wynants & Judith Thomas on changing the World with a Read-Along Book

Published on 14.3.2024 By Ellie.Connect  Welcome to the newest episode of our Ellie.Talks, your insights in the future of sustainable textiles and fashion. It’s a very important episode today because this time Julie was joined by two inspiring ladies. Today they will talk about Jasmien’s and Judith’s passion project: a children’s book (but not really) […]

EP15: Pieter Vanoosthuyse, B.I.G. From linear to circular plastics, how do you start?

Whether you are an SME or a large company, transforming your business from linear to circular does not come overnight. Once you’ve defined your circular vision, where do you start? Where are the quick wins and what are the main challenges to overcome?

For this 15th episode, we welcome Pieter Vanoosthuyse, business development manager for recycled polypropylene at Beaulieu International Group.

EP14: 8 tips to build strong partnerships

Transforming your organization you do not do alone, you need strong partnerships to be successful and to make a real impact.

Ellie.Connect, Ellie’s digital platform, has the mission to unite the industry into 1 ecosystem for change. Ellie.Connect should be the starting point for whoever is looking for connections, inspiration, and information while transforming the organization. It’s your starting point to build partnerships.

EP8: Ellen Kegels, LN Knits, Slow Fashion, Pre-Order and the importance of Storytelling

Sustainability in fashion has many dimensions. The choice of materials and production processes are probably the most obvious ones, but don’t forget about the impact of your go-to-market, distribution, and stock management.

Maybe you have heard the terms slow fashion and pre-ordering before. New business models are increasingly emerging in the industry, but what do they mean? And more importantly, how do you implement these for your brand? What are the challenges involved and how can you make it successful?

EP7: Alexandra Deraeve, HOGENT, Hemp as a driver for circularity in fashion

In many industrialised countries, there is renewed interest in hemp as sustainable textile fibre from a perspective of bio-renewability, circularity, and local (European) cultivation. The range of hemp products in textile and fashion is expanding.

However, the origin of commercially available hemp products is not always transparent and often involves Asian imports. The revival of locally harvested hemp fibres is still being held back by the fact that no homogeneous fibre quality can be guaranteed.

With the projects Eigen Kweek and Hemp4all, HOGENT wants to tackle the problems and support the revival of hemp as a circular driver for the textile and fashion industry.

During this Ellie.Talk Tex, expert Alexandra Deraeve of HOGENT talks about the projects set-up, the findings, and perspectives for the future.

EP6: Marloes Evers, EE Labels, Sustainable through Generations

For this episode, we welcome Marloes Evers from EE Labels, Van Engelen & Evers BV, a 121-year-old company that shares insights on 3D weaving, digital labels, sustainable packaging, and thinking beyond generations!

Starting from a focus on labels, EE labels grew into a company that thinks beyond generations, not only for themselves but also for their customers.

Today, they focus on offering future-proof solutions like 3D weaving and going digital with your labels to the most sustainable choices in packaging. All with minimum impact on the environment, protecting it for the benefit of the next generations. A future-proof concept based on sharing knowledge, collaborating, and innovation in the production process.