Ellie.Connect x Mistral Home

Mistral Home, a Flemish family business specializing in bed, deco, and table linen production and distribution, prioritizes high-quality, designer, and affordable home textiles.  Committed to sustainability, Mistral Home invests in more sustainable production, products, and practices, exploring various ways to make a positive impact.  In line with this commitment, Mistral Home has been a proud member […]

Ellie.Connect x Newds

Newds believes that beauty comes in all shades. That’s why the team developed a platform that offers a range of beauty and lingerie products in nude tones aimed at brown and black-skinned women. In this way, they promote inclusion and diversity in the fashion and beauty industry. ________________________________________________ Recently, the team launched a challenge on […]

Ellie.Connect x Flanders Brush Makers

Flanders Brush Makers in Izegem found their new local yarn supplier via Ellie.Connect! We facilitated a seamless match, leading to a new local partnership. What sets Ellie.Connect apart is its ecosystem approach, offering you several advantages: So, whether you’re in search of materials, suppliers, or partners and you’re constrained by time or a limited network, […]

Ellie.Connect x Vlerick Group

Finding a Sustainable Solution for Old Jeans Sample Stock in Just 5 Days Vlerick Group found themselves with surplus old jeans samples—unused denim pants, fabric pieces, and sales samples—stored in a dated office space set for a makeover. These high-quality materials were never worn and had the potential to be repurposed, recycled, or processed in sustainable […]

Ellie.Connect x Snakepant

The Snakepant Taya is the first and only pair of wide-leg trousers you won’t step on, thanks to their special hem. At the end of its life, the Taya Snakepant is recycled and its fibers are recovered. Like Iris, the inventor of the product, you can count on Ellie’s help to get all the connections, […]

Ellie.Connect x Sibelga

Ellie.Connect helps you in finding your next step toward a sustainable solution. 🌱 Whether it is a new connection, a piece of information, or a use case that can serve as an example, Ellie.Connect helps you on your way. Always, Everywhere. Curious about the initial challenge of Sibelga? You can find it in the Challenge […]

Ellie.Connect x Meralune

Ellie.Connect is your path towards more sustainability. 🌱 If like Meralune you are seeking insights and support from like-minded individuals and companies, know that the platform provides you with the connections, information, and inspiration you need to reach your sustainable goals! You can book a personal demo to learn more about how Ellie and the […]

Ellie.Connect x Knüss

Knüss, one of the Ellie.Connect ecosystem members, has just launched its webshop for sustainable pillows & plaids, and thanks to the digital platform it has not only found a local confection partner but also its fabric supplier!  All in the Ellie.Connect digital platform! You can now book a personal demo to learn more about how […]