Labs on Fibre Meet-Up: new collaboration for local non-reusable textile waste

Labs on Fibre Meet-Up; exploring new partnerships for local non-reusable textile waste streams. From sorter to recycler, one partner has the waste streams, the other searches to process them. Sounds like a simple match, … or not? We’re nearly one year into the Labs on Fibre Research Project, coordinated by the fantastic Els Houttequiet from Herwin. […]

Nieuwe samenwerking: Ellie.Connect x Fedustria. 

Frankfurt, [25/4/2024] – Ellie.Connect, het digitaal platform, ontstaan uit een sterke liefde voor de Belgische textielindustrie, heeft zich de afgelopen 3 jaar ingezet om textiel & mode bedrijven te ondersteunen in hun duurzaamheidsverhaal. Vandaag kondigt Ariadne Innovation, het bedrijf achter, Ellie.Connect, met trots de samenwerking aan met Fedustria, Belgische federatie van de textiel-, hout- en […]

Why we’ve dropped our Free Take Off Package

A Message from our Founder & CEO, Julie Lietaer: Dear Community,👉🏻Today, May 15th, marks the day of the END of our “freemium” business model on Ellie.Connect. 👉🏻We are dropping our free registration package on Ellie.Connect and re-launching our take-off package with a minimal investment fee of 198 EUR per year. We have learned in our […]

Unlocking Textile Innovation: Techtextil 2024 Insights

Explore the Latest Innovations: Ellie’s Insights from Techtextil and Texprocess 2024

Join us as we delve into the latest trends and breakthroughs unveiled at Techtextil and Texprocess 2024 through Ellie’s expert insights. Stay updated on the forefront of technology and textile processing.

Exciting News from Ellie; Chatbot, Partnership Roosmarie Ruigrok & Membership Updates.

Ellie Launch chatbot Roosmarie Ruigrok and updated membership

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates and milestones from Ellie as we continue our sustainability journey together. Ellie’s vision from the start has been to provide you with a trusted partner to support you on your sustainability journey.  A Smart Assistant, always available, hands-on and network-driven to help you save time and money and […]

RegioGreenTex Annual Consortium Meeting in Portugal brings together 43 Partners from 11 European regions to move the textile industry towards circularity

Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, 13 March 2024 – For the past three days, representatives from all 43 European partners of RegioGreenTex met for the Annual Consortium Meeting, hosted by CITEVE – the Portuguese Centre for textile innovation. Co-funded by the European Union I3 Instrument Programme, RegioGreenTex is a €13 million project to promote investments in […]

Sustainability and Internal Culture: Insights from Ellie’s Breakfast Event 🥐

Ellie’s Breakfast Event Edition 2 On March 1, we organised another engaging Ellie.Breakfast session, (find the recap from the first event here) hosted at Daltons, Snowball. This time, our focus was on the intersection of sustainability and internal culture within organizations. These sessions are invaluable opportunities to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds across the […]

Subscribe to Ellie’s Magazine!

Ellie is launching its very own magazine! The Ellie Magazine is set to be a hub of industry insights, networking opportunities, and valuable content tailored to professionals in the textile and fashion industry. Ellie’s Magazine is the magazine created by and for the industry, distributed twice a year to Ellie’s network of more than 700 […]