EP30: Circular Diaper Services with Alby Roseveare, WOOSH

Published on 25.4.2024 By Ellie.Connect  Welcome to episode 30 of our Ellie.Talks, your insights into the world of sustainable textiles and fashion. For this episode, Julie sits down with Alby Roseveare, co-founder of Woosh. Woosh is a diaper service for daycare centres with a circular mission.   Join us as we explore the motivations, challenges, […]

Exciting News from Ellie; Chatbot, Partnership Roosmarie Ruigrok & Membership Updates.

Ellie Launch chatbot Roosmarie Ruigrok and updated membership

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates and milestones from Ellie as we continue our sustainability journey together. Ellie’s vision from the start has been to provide you with a trusted partner to support you on your sustainability journey.  A Smart Assistant, always available, hands-on and network-driven to help you save time and money and […]

Sustainability and Internal Culture: Insights from Ellie’s Breakfast Event πŸ₯

Ellie’s Breakfast Event Edition 2 On March 1, we organised another engaging Ellie.Breakfast session, (find the recap from the first event here) hosted at Daltons, Snowball. This time, our focus was on the intersection of sustainability and internal culture within organizations. These sessions are invaluable opportunities to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds across the […]

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Looking for fresh perspectives on your sustainability journey? Eager to gain insights from industry trailblazers? Craving a burst of inspiration and positive energy? Look no further – Ellie has you covered! As January marks the beginning (and sometimes end) of New Year’s resolutions, we’re committed to ensuring you stay on course and maintain the momentum […]

Discover the Supplier & Product Fact Sheet by Ellie & Awesom.

In our Ellie.Report on European Legislation, we stressed that transparency throughout the supply chain is becoming crucial for all players, and some initiatives have already been taken to this end, such as the announced product passports or the new Due Diligence legislation (CSRDD). In addition to the forthcoming legal obligation, a clear vision of your […]

Discover Ellie’s new Spotting Areas Feature in the next info session!

We know that understanding the dynamics of a specific market segment and getting an overview of the market takes time, and leaves little room for action! That’s why we’re excited to introduce Ellie’s Spotting Areas, our newest platform feature, designed to help you focus on action instead of on research. As your reliable ecosystem builder, […]